For 15 plus years I have had a special focus and love for relationship counseling.

I am an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist. I specialize in relationship counseling and trauma, i.e. helping individuals heal from the wounds of a difficult childhood. My goal is to help my clients feel at home within themselves while having deliberate, fulfilling, and connected relationships.

When working with couples and families I work collaboratively to de-escalate negative cycles of disconnection, develop relationship stability, and construct new patterns that result in connected and satisfying relationships. I teach relationship skills and a relational philosophy for maintaining both a vibrant sense of self and a loving and connected relationship. 

I work with relationships of all configurations and sexual orientations, including LGBTQ and straight relationships, non-monogamy, monogamy, married, unmarried, together for decades, newly connecting, with or without children, and blended families.

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Couples Therapist Brien Wood
 Therapist Brien Wood
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