Seattle Psychotherapist Brien Wood

Clinical Supervision for Licensure Associates

I provide clinical supervision in Seattle and am an approved supervisor in the state of Washington, which means that I meet the qualifications specified in WAC 246-809-234.

Supervision is one of the most important processes in the development and growth of a clinician.

I am dedicated to a collaborative model of supervision where together we will identify your strengths and weaknesses (as a therapist). We will determine the best ways to support your learning, encourage your curiosity, willingness to try new interventions, and the development of your own style of therapy.

I believe that in good supervision there is as an alliance between supervisor and supervisee. This alliance allows for a creative and authentic interaction where we are both engaging in a mutual and experiential exploration in the service of learning and growth.

To read a more detailed description of my supervision philosophy, please read the following article written by two of my supervisors:

The Right Fit

I believe that to provide effective supervision it is important for both the supervisor and supervisee to have knowledge of and/or share compatible or the same psychotherapeutic frame of reference.

My orientation is deeply rooted in existentialism, field theory, dialogue, and phenomenology.

Many theories are compatible with my orientation and I welcome the exploration and comparison of different theories and models of psychotherapy.

To learn more about my theoretical frame of reference follow these links to videos or read these books:

Administrative Considerations

When I become your supervisor I am legally responsible for your actions while you are working with clients. Therefore, I require all my supervisees to obtain malpractice insurance and to follow the ethical guidelines outlined by their professional discipline.

WAC 245-809-234 states that in providing clinical supervision for a candidate for licensure, I must have a thorough knowledge of your practice activities, including but not limited to: Record keeping, financial management of your practice, ethics of clinical practice, and the supervisee's backup for coverage in the event of absence or inability to preform their responsibilities to their client.

During our first meeting I will present you with a signed attestation form and ask you to sign my supervision agreement form. Together we will create a contract to clarify our specific goals, method of supervision, for example, process notes, videotaping, audio recordings etc., and other expectations (readings, workshops, or therapy).


I work on a sliding scale that ranges from $90 - $200