Are you unable to relax? Do you have difficulty controlling your worry? 
Are you easily startled and constantly on edge?

In social situations do you fear being scrutinized? During social interactions are you afraid that you might become embarrassed and humiliated, yet when you are home alone your fear disappears?

Do you have moments of intense fear? Do you worry that something terrible will happen to you? Are you concerned about having a panic attack and loosing control?

Do you have recurrent and intrusive memories or dreams? Do you have difficulty concentrating and fear of being harmed? Are you often irritable with unexplainable temper outbursts?

If any of the above statements describe your everyday experience, then you may be suffering from a form of anxiety.

Overwhelming anxiety can disrupt social or occupational functioning or produce significant distress. Know that you are not alone – anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders. Over 19 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Counseling has been clinically proven to effectively treat anxiety disorders.

You CAN improve the quality of your personal and professional life!

In therapy, we can help you to:

  • Develop more accurate, positive feelings about yourself
  • Develop feelings of being in control
  • Free energy for more creative and spontaneous living
  • Live more fully in the present moment
  • Have trust in your future coping abilities
  • Confront and tolerate fearful situations with confidence
  • Stop anxiety & eliminate panic attacks
  • Increase self awareness and inner strength
  • Have more fulfilling and meaningful interactions in your relationships
  • Enjoy more sound sleep
  • Relieve the tension in your body; enjoy looseness and relaxation